When children ask parents these questions, the answers are often along the lines of…

  • I could never understand fractions.
  • Fractions were too difficult for me.
  • Fractions made no sense to me.

Sadly, not only parents, but many teachers too, cannot adequately answer these questions.  Children are left with the impression that…

Fractions are so difficult that even my very clever mother/father (whom I look up to, and who I believe knows everything) cannot understand it! So how can I ever understand it? 

These negative emotions around fractions (and mathematics generally) are therefore passed along from generation to generation.

The book associated with this website will help you to understand fractions so that you in turn can help your children with this very important part of mathematics. This is done in simple, practical ways that are jargon-free. Hopefully, the chain of negative emotions around fractions can be broken.

This website presents extracts of each chapter in the related book called Fractions For Parents. The chapters are listed on the side of this page.

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